Cotswold Oak Mirrors Slim 35mm

Manufactured by us in the UK for the last 18 years these mirrors are quite superb.

A great deal of time and expertise goes into each mirror.

Everything is handmade and the final product is one of beauty.

All our Oak mirrors are Saftey Backed as standard and all our oak we use is sorted PEFC certified

All mirrors are then finished with a Clear Mylands Beeswax and hand polished, 

We try to use wherever possible the same length of oak to wrap around the entire mirror this helps to ensure that you get a consistant grain texture all around the frame.

Fixings are attached to every mirror in both Landscape and Portrait format.

If you dont see the size you want - please enquire - we can make it for you.

Our Cotswold Mirrors are 100% Exclusive - they are NOT available anywhere else in the country.

We make them ourselves as we have been since 1998 and we do NOT sell them to any other retail outlet.  They are only available to purchase direct from ourselves.


If you wanted a different finish we can use anything from 

Mylands Finishing Oil finish -  Mylands Danish Oil in  OILS

Mylands Stripped Pine - Liming Wax - Rustic Brown - Antique Mahogony - Light Brown  in WAXES  

COLRON Dark Jacobean - Red Mahogony - in DYES 

All our Oak mirrors are finished with Flat UK Mirror 

We believe as the frame is a very contemporary flat frame then flat glass generally looks far better than bevelled - If you wanted bevelled just let us know after you ordered and if available we can fit with bevelled glass for you instead.

A Leadtime of appx 2 weeks is requested for all manufacture of our oak mirrors - if you wanted your mirror quicker then our Waverley mirrors that we import from China are pretty much instant and are also a little bit cheaper. 

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Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 19x15 inches
Product code: 021612
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 23x19 inches
Product code: 022016
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 27x21 inches
Product code: 022418
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 27x23 inches
Product code: 022420
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 39x15 inches
Product code: 023612
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 39x21 inches
Product code: 023618
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 27x27 inches
Product code: 022424
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 51x15 inches
Product code: 024812
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 39x27 inches
Product code: 023624
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 43x16 inches £79
Product code: 024316
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 51x21 inches
Product code: 024818
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 51x27 inches
Product code: 024824
Bespoke Mirror 750*1005 in 35mm slim Oak
Product code: 021005750
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 51x39 inches £129
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Product code: 024836
Cotswold Oak 35mm Mirror 48x36 inches £129
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Product code: 024836O/ALL
024818 023418
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Product code: 024818 023418
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